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Dr. Glen R. Whitehouse,   Associate

Tel.: 609.538.0444 ext 126

  • Joined CDI in 2003
  • PhD and DIC, Imperial College London in 2004
    Thesis: Helicopter Response to Vortex Encounters in the Near-Airfield Environment
  • BS, Aeronautical Engineering and Mathematics, Clarkson University, 2000
Research Interests
    Unsteady aerodynamics, rotorcraft aerodynamics, wake mechanics, simulation, and analysis. Specialties include helicopter interactional aerodynamics (ground effect and multiple wake interactions), helicopter CFD and module development.
Professional Societies and Honors
  • Member: AHS, AIAA, ASME
  • Associate Editor, Journal of American Helicopter Society
  • Elected member: AHS Aerodynamics Committee; Chair of Aerodynamics Technical Sessions, AHS 67th Annual Forum, 2011
  • Recipient of Hafner VTOL Prize from the Royal Aeronautical Society for Best Rotorcraft Technology Paper of 2004
  • Recipient of 2004 AHS Forum best simulation paper award
Selected Publications
  • "Aerodynamic Design of Helicopter Rotors for Reduced Brownout", International Powered Lift Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2010 (with T.R. Quackenbush and D.A. Wachspress)
  • "Variable Fidelity Preliminary Design Tools for Advanced Vertical Flight Vehicles", AHS 66th Annual Forum, Phoenix, AZ, 2010 (with T.R. Quackenbush and A.H. Boschitsch)
  • "Investigation of Mixed Element Hybrid Grid-Based CFD Methods for Rotorcraft Flow Analysis", AHS 66th Annual Forum, Phoenix, AZ, 2010 (with A.H. Boschitsch, M.J. Smith, C.E. Lynch and R.E. Brown)
  • "Flow-Driven Oscillating Vortex Generators for Control of Boundary Layer Separation", AIAA-2010-4266, AIAA 40th Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit, Chicago, IL, 2010, (with T.R. Quackenbush and P.V. Danilov)
  • "Development and Testing of Deployable Vortex Generators Using SMA Actuation", AIAA-2010-4686, AIAA 40th Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit, Chicago, IL, 2010, (with T.R. Quackenbush and R.M. McKillip, Jr)
  • "Numerical Methods for the Aeromechanical Design of Flapping Wing Hovering MAVs", AHS International Specialists' Meeting on Unmanned Rotorcraft, Chandler, AZ, 2009 (with T.R. Quackenbush, A.H. Boschitsch and J.D. Keller)
  • "Computational Fluid Dynamics for Flight Simulator Ship Airwake Modeling", I/ITSEC 2007 (with J.D. Keller, A.H. Boschitsch, J. Nadal, J. Jeffords and M. Quire)
  • "Novel Eulerian Vorticity Transport Wake Module for Rotorcraft Flow Analysis" AHS 63rd Annual Forum, Virginia Beach, VA., 2007 (with A.H. Boschitsch, T.R. Quackenbush, D.A. Wachspress, and R.E. Brown)
  • "A Physics-Based Model of Rotorcraft Brownout for Flight Simulation Applications" American Helicopter Society 62nd Annual Forum, Phoenix, AZ., May 2006 (with J. D. Keller, D. A. Wachspress, M.E. Teske and T.R. Quackenbush)
  • "Modelling Rotor Wakes in Ground Effect", Journal of the American Helicopter Society, Vol. 49, No. 3, July 2004 (with R.E. Brown)
  • "Distributed Multi-Vehicle Simulation Including High-Order Airwake Representation" American Helicopter Society 60th Annual Forum, Baltimore, MD., June 2004 (with R. M. McKillip, Jr., D. A. Wachspress, J. D. Keller, T. R. Quackenbush, and A. H. Boschitsch)
  • "Modelling a Helicopter Rotor's Response to Wake Encounters" The Aeronautical Journal, January 2004 (with R.E. Brown)
  • "Helicopter Rotor Response to Wake Encounters in Ground Effect", American Helicopter Society 59th Annual Forum, Phoenix, AZ., May 2003 (with R.E. Brown)
  • "Modeling the Mutual Distortions of Interacting Helicopter and Aircraft Wakes," Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 40, (3), May-June, 2003, pp. 440-449 (with R.E. Brown)
  • "Modelling a Helicopter Rotor's Response to Encounters with Aircraft Wakes," Proc. 28th European Rotorcraft Forum, Bristol, England, September 2002 (with R.E. Brown)