• CDI employee invited to give keynote speech at 2014 Overset Grid Symposium

  • Dr Glen R. Whitehouse of CDI has been invited to give one of the keynote speeches at the the 12-th Symposium on Overset Composite Grids and Solution Technology to be held at Georgia Institute of Technology from October 6th through 9th 2014. Dr Whitehouse's speech, entitled "Hybrid Overset Methods: Opportunities, Applications, and Pitfalls", will be presented during the awards banquet on October 10th. A copy of the presentation can be found here (external webpage).

  • CDI employee selected as the Technical Session Chair for the 2016 American Helicopter Society Forum

  • The Dr Glen R. Whitehouse of CDI has been invited by the American Helicopter Society Board of Directors to be the Technical Session Chair for the 72nd (2016) Annual Forum of the American Helicopter Society. Dr Whitehouse will also serve as the Deputy Technical Session Chair for the 71st (2015) American Helicopter Society Forum.

  • CDI Technology Featured at NSF HQ and Georgia Tech

  • Collaboration between CDI and Prof. Marilyn Smith of the Georgia Institute of Technology on CFD analysis of wind turbines and wind farms using VorTran-M featured at the headquarters of the National Science Foundation and on the Georgia Tech.

    Click here to see full article on Georgia Tech website (external).

  • CDI featured in Product Design and Development cover article

  • The cover article of the May 2011 issue of Product Design and Development featured a discussion of the CDI developed ship airwake database that was recently integrated into the US Navy's operational MH-60R tactical trainers. Issues associated with airwake prediction, system integration and multi-disciplinary engineering were all discussed.

    Product Design & Development magazine is an information source for design engineers and engineering managers looking to advance the quality and efficiency of their current and future design projects, helping to get them into production and deliver them to market faster and more economically.

  • Continuum Dynamics, Inc. at the 67th AHS Annual Forum

  • CDI has just completed its 12th consecutive annual visit to the American Helicopter Society Forum, held May 2-4 in Virginia Beach, VA. The technical display at our booth echoed the theme of the meeting: "Catching the Wave of New Vertical Flight Technology". The central feature of the display was a fixed-base flight simulation using the CHARM real time Wake/Panel Module to model an H-60 helicopter in shipboard operations. The Module permits real-time turnaround for piloted simulations including full free wake and realistic deck effects. It was coupled into the U.S. Navy CASTLE flight simulation environment, and built on ongoing work for the Navy led by Dan Wachspress and Jeff Keller of CDI.

    The display also provided an overview of other CDI technologies, including the CHARM, VorTran-M, MAST, and Brownout product lines while also featuring success stories from the application of these and other tools to flight simulations, fielded rotorcraft systems and prospective next-generation vehicles.

    CDI staff were also active at the meeting, with three staff members - Bob McKillip, Michael Yu, and Glen Whitehouse - chairing technical sessions. A total of five technical papers, spread across the Aerodynamics, Flight Simulation, and Advanced Vertical Flight sessions, were presented by CDI personnel.

  • CDI Ship Air Wake Development Featured in Tecplot Case Study

  • Every month, Tecplot Inc., the company behind the Tecplot family of visualization and plotting software, publishes a case study describing exciting new applications of their tools. For the March 2011 edition, Tecplot featured CDI's VorTran-M software and the development of the ship air wake database for the US Navy's MH-60R tactical trainer.

    The original press release can be found here, and click here for a PDF copy.

  • CDI led research on flapping wing aerodynamics featured in mainstream and online scientific press

  • Breakthrough research led by Continuum Dynamics, Inc. and New Mexico State University, investigating the influence of gusts on the aerodynamics of flapping wings was recently featured in the mainstream and online scientific press. This work, funded by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory through the Small Business Technology Transfer Program, advanced the fundamental understanding of the relationship between flapping wing kinematics and forces in still and gusty environments with the ultimate goal of developing aerodynamic/aeroelastic models for use in the design and analysis of flapping wing Micro Air Vehicles.

    The original press release can be found here, and links to the news articles can be found below.

  • US News
  • Science Daily
  • E! Science News
  • Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee-Wisconsin)
  • LA Times
  • Seattle Times
  • The Economist
  • Scitech News
  • News Blaze
  • Biomimicry News
  • Cult of Truth
  • Science Centric
  • TerraDaily

  • CDI Awarded "Best Paper Award" of IPLC 2010

  • On October 6th, 2010, CDI's brownout paper, entitled "Aerodynamic Design of Helicopter Rotors for Reduced Brownout" by Glen Whitehouse, Daniel Wachspress and Todd Quackenbush of CDI was awarded the Best Paper at the 2010 International Powered Lift Conference organized by the American Helicopter Society, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

  • CDI Teams with Flow Analysis Solutions, Inc.

  • Flow Analysis Solutions, Inc. (FAS) of New York NY has teamed with CDI to provide rotorcraft industry users with software products based on the Vorticity Confinement (VC) methodology pioneered by Dr. John Steinhoff.

    Software that will allow users of current-generation CFD and comprehensive codes to seamlessly integrate the advanced wake and body modeling capabilities of VC into their analyses will be released in the first half of 2010.

    Technical background on VC methods and applications are available at the FAS website. FAS can also be contacted through their site for details on the projected products as well as the terms of trial and full licenses.

    Click here to enter FAS official website (new window).

  • CDI Awarded Alfred P. Gessow Best Paper Award of AHS Annual Forum 65, Dallas, Texas, May 27 - 29, 2009

  • CDI's brownout paper, entitled "A High Fidelity Brownout Model for Real-Time Flight Simulations and Trainers" by Daniel Wachspress, Glen Whitehouse, Jeff Keller and Michael Yu of CDI and collaborators at SAIC at Redstone Arsenal has won "Alfred P. Gessow Best Paper Award" of AHS Annual Forum 65. Click here to get a copy of the award-winning paper (in PDF), or click here to go to AHS official website.

  • CDI Voted Best Paper in Simulation, and Overall Best Paper Nominee at I/ITSEC 2008

  • The Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on Dec. 1-4, 2008, and was attended by over 18,000 industry and government professionals and featured cutting edge technology in the rapidly growing fields of training and simulation. CDI sponsored a booth in the exhibit hall for the second time at this prestigious meeting, and provided technology demonstrations and technical briefings, including two technical papers describing advanced brownout simulations and the use of CDI's CHARM real-time free-vortex wake model for the prediction of rotorcraft aerodynamic effects in a shipboard environment. CDI's brownout paper, entitled "Physics Based Modeling of Helicopter Brownout for Piloted Simulation Applications" by Daniel Wachspress of CDI and collaborators at SAIC at Redstone Arsenal was voted "Best Paper" in the Simulation session and was nominated for "Best Paper" overall. A copy of the nominated paper is freely available from the I/ITSEC website

  • CDI Featured in NASA Spinoff Magazine

  • CDI's CHARM rotorcraft analysis is a featured commercial product in NASA's Spinoff 2007 — NASA's annual premier publication featuring successfully commercialized NASA technology. Spinoff features between 40 and 50 commercial products annually.
    Click here to read the full article at NASA STI webpage...

  • I/ITSEC Symposium in Orlando 2007

  • The Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on Nov. 26-29, 2007. CDI sponsored a booth in the exhibit hall for the first time at this prestigious meeting, which was attended by over 16,000 industry and government professionals and featured cutting edge technology in the rapidly growing fields of training and simulation. CDI provided technology demonstrations and technical briefings, including a technical paper prepared by Jeff Keller of CDI and his collaborators at CAE describing the use of the coupled CGE/ VorTran-M model for the computational modeling of ship airwakes for use in simulation databases. Technical demonstrations introduced attendees to this software as well as variety of additional tools and technologies, including the use of CDI's CHARM real-time free-vortex wake model for prediction of rotorcraft aerodynamic effects in a shipboard environment as well as novel physics-based modeling of rotorcraft brownout.

    Look for future CDI technology displays at the American Helicopter Society 64th Annual Forum (April 29-May 1, 2008 in Montreal, Canada) as well as the the U.S. Navy 2008 Opportunity Forum at the Hyatt Crystal City, VA (June 2-4, 2008).

  • CDI's composite blade design in action

  • A Carson Helicopters S-61 waterbomber fights the 2007 California wildfires using new high performance composite blades designed by Carson in collaboration with CDI personnel. These new blade sets are also already in service in Afghanistan with UK armed forces on Westland Sea King helicopters, and will enter service as an upgrade to the U.S. Navy VH-3D fleet of Presidential transport helicopters in 2008.

  • CDI's work in rotor analysis supports Sea King featured in "Defense Helicopter"

  • As part of a multi-year effort sponsored by Carson Helicopters in the 1990s, CDI undertook the analysis of improved rotors for civil S-61 helicopters operated by Carson. This activity exploited the fast, accurate design capability afforded by the CDI EHPIC-HERO software . Carson subsequently fabricated and flight tested their new rotor blade design, as detailed in a a 2002 paper presented at the American Helicopter Society Annual Forum. As noted in that paper, the CDI analysis accurately predicted the measured rotor performance improvement (including an 8 point increase in hover Figure of Merit, corresponding to a 10% increase in gross lift at constant power) several years prior to flight test.

    Carson is now selling these rotor blades to commercial operators worldwide, but also has customers in the both the U.S. Navy and the U.K. Royal Navy. The new blades are being installed on U.S. Navy SH-3D helicopters used for Presidential/Executive transport missions, while the attached article describes how U.K. Sea King (SH-3 derivatives) using the new rotors are already entering service in Afghanistan.

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